Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When I begin to look at where my life is now and where it was a year ago, the amount of changes are impressive. What's more impressive are the similarities between 2006 Whitney and 2010 Whitney. Somewhere along the way (and this is not meant to hurt others) I lost perspective. I went from not knowing what "Seven" jeans were to not buying any other brand. Wanting a Toyota 4-Runner to buying a Lexus. Worrying about the children at Helping Hands Home for Children and hoping to save the abused children of the world to worrying about what time I needed to get my hair highlighted. I wanted acceptance. I wanted approval. I wanted to be loved. I let other influences affect me and take me over. I gave up on adventure and travel. The possibility of backpacking across Europe, ministry trips in Africa or scuba diving in Costa Rica. I let suburbia in and I couldn't get out...until it kicked me out.

I stand here today...changed. Not by choice, but none the less for my own good.

I'm so excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead! I just got an offer with Whole Foods in Austin and I couldn't be more thrilled! Back to my favorite city with a job that I’m lucky to have! I'll be a full-fledge hippie in no time! :)

I hope to write about my journeys as I seek out my dreams, because Austin is just the beginning! :)

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JCC-CSV said...

Awesome, Whit! Can't wait to have you here and to read more about/participate in your new adventures!!