Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When I get an idea into my head...you're probably not going to change it...

One time I remember in particular was my 2nd year in college. Picked up my boyfriend at the time and his best friend and headed to...no where. In fact, I can't even remember where this was...but we went with no destination in mind and a need to get away from the normal path. Pictures of our "adventure:"

I took a look at my bucket list this afternoon and thought to myself...what can I possibly do that doesn't require a ton of cash and expensive airline costs? Grand Canyon.

So...I'm going. It's insane considering the total drive is 40 hours and I only have a weekend, but I'm doing it! I'm leaving Friday after work and taking the trip by myself to get some good ME time! I'll take lots of pictures and come back with most likely...an amazing story.

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JCC-CSV said...

Word. You're nuts. It's important that you stay nuts. Or we cannot be Bros.