Monday, April 19, 2010

All Grown-up

Apparently, I'm getting older and no one told me. One month away from 24 and I have 18-20 year olds calling me "Mam" and am going to sleep at 10 every night. I'm in that awkward stage where I have friends who are younger than me and consider me "a legitimate grown-up" and friends who are older than me and consider me "a baby." Most of the girlfriends I grew up with are married and/or have children. (Ok, ok...I was one of them, but I maintain that marriage doesn't mean your life makes a 180...I'll save that post for another day.)

The important part is...I don't feel old and therefore I will not act like it! ;)

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Suz said...

now, you know that I'm older than you and consider you a legitimate grown up, right? I'm knocking on 30's door and wish I had myself as close to together as you do!